This will give you an impression of our day to day work in the interest of our customers

The special textile cleaners with the individual service.
We separate, grade and process your high-quality textiles by color, fibre and quality -  
item by item, by hand.

Regardless of whether they are just normally soiled or seriously stained. We guarantee gentle but thorough processing of your most treasured possessions.
Von Korff Specialist Cleaners. For you this means:

  • conserving color and value
  • perfect problem solution
  • individual consultation and advice
  • First-rate quality at a reasonable price

  • 45 trained seamstresses, who have been working with textiles  
    for most of their lives, ensure high-quality work with every item.

    Intermidate check, evening wear, haute couture.
    5 trained "detacheuses", or manual stain removers, eliminated  
    especially stubborn stains such as blood, ink, tea, sweat, tar,  
    ball-point ink, grease, mould, fruit juice etc. from satin, silk,  
    fine linen etc. without damaging the fabric.

    We are proud to be a member of the NCA-I New York. Our friend  
    Bill Seitz enjoys his visits to Meschede. We are very fond of him  
    and value his 50 years of professional experience. 
    Bill is Executive Director of the NCA-International.

    Dr. Manfred Wentz, Apex North Carolina, IDC Director also  
    visits Meschede frequently. His knowledge and experience are  
    respected throughout the cleaning trade. As everyone knows,  
    Manfred is the No. 1!
    Arline and Guenter Schneider, Aladdin Cleaners from Buffalo, NY.
    Carol Memberg from National Clothesline, Philadelphia/USA and Larry Lieberman, Charlotte, NC/USA examine a stationary desk from 1755 build by Johann Georg Wahl, which was suffered in a fire incident and was fully restored in our company.